While our business and our industry has evolved, Fardoulys Constructions has continued to operate to a clear set of principles, which have driven the company's success.

Performance is an expectation not a bonus

No matter how large or small the project, every client's needs are important. A client is not just investing their dollars, they are investing their trust in our ability to deliver. On quality, on budget and on time.

There is no compromise for quality

Quality of management and quality of workmanship are core factors of performance. Fardoulys Constructions utilizes a quality management system ensuring all client and project objectives are achieved. Supported by comprehensive documentation, structured management processes and complimentary resources our system is designed to maintain and if possible identify opportunities to improve work efficiency, resulting in more cost-effective solutions for our clients.The end result is quality control at every stage of the project. This means certainty for management and certainty for you.

Communication is the key

Experience has shown us the critical factor for a successful relationship is communication. That is why we establish open and honest lines of communication between all stakeholders on every project. At each stage of a project all parties are consulted to ensure the original vision is realized.