Planning/ Investigation/ Research

Depending upon your requirements, we can plan the entire project with significant milestones shown for design stages, approval requirements, off site and construction activities and milestones.

Construction programming and planning for all works is scheduled "in-house" on Microsoft Project software. A draft program is created at tender time to enable labour requirements to be evaluated and a more substantial version is produced when a project commences. The programme is updated and monitored by the Construction Manager during the course of a project.

Investigation into product availability and research into matters such as fixing methods, ground conditions, product availability are all-important features of planning a project.

Managing your budget

Fardoulys Constructions is a flexible organisation that can provide a range of complementary services working with design groups from concept to completion under differing contractual arrangements.

Fardoulys Constructions has a number of policy procedures in place to ensure we deliver competitive pricing for all projects.

  • We can undertake design reviews for build-ability, suggest alternative materials and methods, assist with value management studies and provide on-going cost reviews.

  • We provide comprehensive documentation of all costs associated with your project so you can clearly see how your budget will be applied.

  • Our contract administration procedures are designed to highlight in advance issues which may have cost implications for your budget, and provide alternative cost effective solutions.

  • We seek to minimize the impact of price increases of material and building products, which frequently occur in the building industry, through regular negotiations with our key suppliers.



Industrial Relations, Arbitration Litigation

While we take extensive steps to avoid Industrial relations disputes and contractual differences, we acknowledge they can arise. Fardoulys Constructions adopts a conciliatory approach to any conflicts arising during a project with the primary objective of achieving a swift and amicable resolution for all parties.

As a major participant in the Queensland building industry we play a pro-active role in shaping our business to meet the requirements of the prevailing industrial relations environment.

We believe the continued level of repeat business we have been able to secure best demonstrates our effectiveness in this area.


Work Place Health and Safety Controls

We are pro-active in maintaining a safety system. All staff understand that achieving and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment and culture of safety awareness is a shared responsibility of all company representatives and contracted parties.

We have in place a comprehensive safety policy and system of procedures. This includes specific procedures and direction on how Fardoulys Constructions is to achieve its Workplace Health and Safety policy objectives and comply with its statutory obligations. A uniform approach is adopted for all projects.

Environmental Philosophy

Fardoulys Constructions' main environmental objectives are to promote cleaner production and environmental management techniques for both company employees and subcontractors. Our philosophy is to be issue specific and be preventative rather than corrective.

All environmental factors such as noise and fume minimization, along with waste disposal and water run off effecting clients and project neighbours are considered within the scope of each project.

If required, site-specific environmental plans are developed and performance is monitored.