Fardoulys Constructions

Garden City Aged Care, Alzheimer’s Association of Queensland

Garden City Aged Care set a new benchmark for quality care for dementia patients in Queensland. This exemplary three-storey residential facility, complete with rooftop gym and rehab centre, was designed and constructed with a specific vision of how people living with dementia should be supported in a home-like environment. 


This project required that safety measures and equipment such as bed hoists were unobtrusive, and that clinical areas and equipment were concealed behind panelling so as to not interrupt the ‘home-like’ environment. Health technology was a key element of the build process, using passive infrared sensors to monitor patients movements and nurse call technology, as well as the installation of non-invasive sensor guide lighting. The building was constructed to minimise noise and excessive stimulation, remove trip hazards, and encourage indoor-outdoor living through the use of internal and external courtyards, covered walkways and light-filled spaces. 


From a construction perspective, there were some challenges to meet. The very limited timeline saw us bring in a tower crane to speed up the project, while we negotiated successfully with the council on development and planning issues. Fardoulys Constructions has a wealth of experience in council negotiations, and this project was a good example of how we can successfully negotiate with government bodies at all levels to bring our client’s vision to life.